Bedrija Hamza
MSc SUPSI in Business Administration with Major in Innovation Management

M8! - Mind Map

It started on an evening with some beer and the newly announced Windows 8 platform. The goal was to try out, what we have learned about how new markets work and to apply the simplicity technics in designing and developing a product.

  M8! - Mind Map is reduced to the max. Like a clean sheet of paper. Together with Olivier De Bastiani we co developed this product whiteout any external help. As of Feb. 2021, the app has generated more than 400'000 downloads and is still one of the leading Mind Mapping Apps in the Microsoft Store.

As it turned out, the theories about the first mover advantages and the cost of entering a new market are true. Since we were among the first four Mind Mapping Apps in the market, we have maintained this lead for more than seven years. The reason behind it is simple: For new products to be introduced, the cost of entering (development, marketing and so on) is too big and the market is too small. So, the market is pretty much closed.

M8! - Mind Map is part of the software crafting brand Weydo. Grab a copy here and let us know, what you think down below.

Walter Finance

The app is a money management research product strictly developed with the latest behavior economics in mind. Walter Finance has been co-developed with Johannes Huebner as part of his PhD at the ETH Auto ID lab. The functionality has been successfully proved with a field experiment. We, a small innovation team at Viseca, have pivoted Walter Finance to a #research #innovation #alpha app app for other field experiments around the innovation and product developed at Viseca.

You can find out how Walter Finance works at the official page.


Together with the great people at the Zürcher Kantonalbank, we have regular exchanges about innovation topics. The goal behind them have always been to learn from each other and to be more efficient in our quest for new products. On one of these evenings, we wanted to add value to one of our main touch points with the consumer, which is the plastic card. And since the sustainability topic is not only a big trend but also close to our heart, we wanted to do it with materials that can be found in our neighborhood. Long story short, we ended up with wood and found a super sophisticated partner in Swiss Wood Solutions. How this story will play out has not yet been written but if you want to support us in this quest, you can sign up here for your unigue swiss Viseca TouchWood Card.

Innovation Management

I have been super lucky, to get a chance to apply my theoretical knowledge from my master’s studies into practice. A big thanks goes out to Coach Tony Weber for the chance to do what I love doing.

My daily job consists mainly of two parts: I make sure we at Viseca track all the relevant new trends and technologies out there. For that we have put a structural innovation process into place. We also maintain an innovation radar and updated it regularly, so our company leadership can have a better sleep and we do not miss a chance or a treat to our business.

The second part of the job is my role as a Product Manager and Product Owner. In this part, we develop MVPs (like Walter Finance) within our accelerator and try to get insides how a new trend works and how relevant it is for our swiss consumers.

  • Trend Scouting
  • Deep dives with Trend Watch Reports
  • Validaiting Ideas with MVPs
  • Research Projects with Universities

Innovation Theory

There are a lot of great books and models out there on how to do Innovation Management. Apart from our lean innovation process, which we have developed internally, we use the following models to make sense about new innovations. In the video I explain how the models are working and why they are relevant for us. The video is only in Swiss German now. 😊

For the love of crafting

Developing new products, MVPs, Proof of Concepts is not only my job but a true passion of mine. I love to connect the dots and explore opportunities for our consumer and the company. Not everything works. But applying new knowledge and that way generating new insides is truly magical. Here you can see some of the experiments we have worked on or are still working on.

Getting the word out there

Reading about innovation and applying that is not enough. You need to get out there, talk to people, get feedback and share what you have learned. So that is what we do from time to time.

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